[sixties-l] modr8r note

From: sixties@lists.village.virginia.edu
Date: Thu Sep 14 2000 - 01:14:34 CUT

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    the list will be down on Thursday, 9/14 and Friday, 9/15 to effect a
    transfer of materials on the servers. please refrain from sending
    messages during this time as they will probably get lost in cyberspace.

    as to the recent "activity' on the list, i wish to reassure one and all
    that I do read every post before sending it on to the list. they have all
    passed modr8r inspection, even the Horowitz/Blankfort exchanges. i did not
    view any of them as 'flames' or 'rants'. perhaps a tad heated, but
    nothing outside the bounds of list etiquette. plus, Blankfort's last post
    indicated that he was "concluding this exchange" with Horowitz. it looks
    as though folks will have to suffer through one more Horowitz reply in
    that exchange and then move on to the next panic attack. i found the
    exchange to be engaging and enlightening and definitely 'on-topic'.

    as compared with other email lists, sixties-l is extremely 'low traffic',
    so the charges of 'infiltration' and/or 'disruption' i find to be more
    than a bit overblown. also, keep in mind that all of this goes into the
    archives, so my perspective when approving posts also includes their
    historical significance. i do think that the Horowitz/Blankfort exchange
    falls pretty solidly into this category.

    on a related note, i am not "modr8r for life" and if anyone out there
    wants to take on the job, or alternate weeks/months, i'm more than happy
    to accomodate folks. it's pretty much a thankless job, and you can
    obviously never satisfy everybody, but I enjoy it.

    enjoy the couple of days off, folks!

    (I will not post replies to this email to the list, but will respond

    the modr8r

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