Re: [sixties-l] list rants and flames

From: Ted Morgan (
Date: Tue Sep 12 2000 - 14:07:25 CUT

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    Good comment, Joe. And whether or not their FBI plants or agent
    provocateurs, they're Horowitz plants. Everything you say about government
    or other organizations pertains to the Rightist fringe, too. You're on the
    money in terms of the impact on the list. I'm basically deleting and not
    reading anything with a reference to Horowitz. I know quite a few who were
    active on the revived list, and who could contribute to good, open,
    -disagreement discussion have signed off completely, others have virtually
    disappeared. So, I'm with you in pleading to the moderator to take an active
    screening role. Otherwise as long as these *****s continue, the list will
    Ted Morgan

    Joe McDonald wrote:

    > It occurs to me that perhaps some of the posters of the "rants" and
    > "flames" just might be FBI plants or agent provocateurs. ....

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