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Date: Tue Sep 12 2000 - 02:31:41 CUT

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    Very, very well put. "Workable" even if not "romantic."
    That's worth pasting up at least on one's wall. Better one's
    forehead, but backward, so it can be read in a mirror.

    Chris Shugart wrote:

    >> Nowhere on the planet can you find a culture in which
    >> the worship of violence, or the
    >> desire for material possessions is as high as we have
    >> here. And nowhere, certainly in any developed
    >> culture,can one find the visible and measurable degree
    >> of social alienation that exists in present day
    >> America, an alienation that crosses the lines of gender,
    >> class and color.
    > I suppose that the America Sucks crowd has a valid point
    > somewhere in their tired litany. America does leave much
    > to be desired. Too many people are being denied fair
    > opportunity and justice. If only we could be more like
    > that noble civilization of true liberty and
    > justice...what's the name of that place?...Atlantis?...If
    > only we could model our society after that blissful land
    > or plenty...Shangri-la, was it?...A country where
    > absolutely everyone enjoys freedom and prosperity...What's
    > the name of that country? For the moment the name and
    > location escapes me.
    > Please. We get it. We got it a long time ago. The existing
    > scene in America must change. But into what? What
    > real-world model have we to go on? Transforming an
    > existing scene towards an ideal scene is nothing but a
    > storybook fantasy unless there are demonstrable means of
    > getting there.
    > Those of us who are flexible in our thinking, not yet set
    > in our ways are always open to workable solutions based in
    > part on common sense plus on what can be observed as
    > workable. This may be a drab vision that lacks the
    > romantic appeal of revolution, but hey, that's the way the
    > real world is sometimes.
    > Chris Shugart

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