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Date: Tue Sep 12 2000 - 01:54:02 CUT

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    I wonder what Abbie would think of having the afterword to his book written by
    the same person who wrote the introduction to mine. After all, Abbie was as
    different from me as the title, STEAL THIS MOVIE is from SAYING NO TO POWER.
                True, Abbie's buddy Stew Albert and I appreciated each other,
    although Stew was anarchoyippie and I was post-CP Marxist, and we argued in
    print in the Berkeley Barb.
                                            Bill Mandel

    ARON KAY wrote:

    > sure i recommend the book for sure.......joanna (who happens to be a good
    > friend of mine) sure knows what she is talking about.....
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    > >Steal the Movie, Not the Reprint: Abbie Hoffman Autobio Resurfaces
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    > >The Autobiography of Abbie Hoffman, originally published in 1980 as Soon to
    > >Be a Major Motion Picture and out of print 10 years, is being reprinted in
    > >October by Four Walls Eight Windows.
    > >
    > >[For those trustworthy people under 30: Abbie Hoffman was one of the
    > >original Yippies, a member of the Chicago 7 and a witty leftist who died in
    > >1989.]
    > >
    > >The book will appear soon after the release of Steal This Movie, a film
    > >about Hoffman's life that his estate considers, in the words of his widow,
    > >Johanna Lawrenson, "awful." Nonetheless, Lawrenson said, "I am optimistic
    > >that new generations will want to find out more about him and read the real
    > >story in his own words."
    > >
    > >The book will include new photos taken by Lawrenson and a new afterword by
    > >historian Howard Zinn. Distributed by PGW, Four Walls Eight Windows is the
    > >publisher of Hoffman's Steal This Book and The Best of Abbie Hoffman.
    > >

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