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Date: Sun Sep 10 2000 - 05:17:31 CUT

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    sure i recommend the book for sure.......joanna (who happens to be a good
    friend of mine) sure knows what she is talking about.....
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    Date: Sunday, September 10, 2000 12:34 AM
    Subject: [sixties-l] Steal the Movie, Not the Reprint

    >Steal the Movie, Not the Reprint: Abbie Hoffman Autobio Resurfaces
    >The Autobiography of Abbie Hoffman, originally published in 1980 as Soon to
    >Be a Major Motion Picture and out of print 10 years, is being reprinted in
    >October by Four Walls Eight Windows.
    >[For those trustworthy people under 30: Abbie Hoffman was one of the
    >original Yippies, a member of the Chicago 7 and a witty leftist who died in
    >The book will appear soon after the release of Steal This Movie, a film
    >about Hoffman's life that his estate considers, in the words of his widow,
    >Johanna Lawrenson, "awful." Nonetheless, Lawrenson said, "I am optimistic
    >that new generations will want to find out more about him and read the real
    >story in his own words."
    >The book will include new photos taken by Lawrenson and a new afterword by
    >historian Howard Zinn. Distributed by PGW, Four Walls Eight Windows is the
    >publisher of Hoffman's Steal This Book and The Best of Abbie Hoffman.

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