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Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 00:58:58 CUT

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    Date: Wed, 06 Sep 2000 13:57:20 -0700
    From: David Horowitz <Dhorowitz@earthlink.net>
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    > > > Perhaps, Jeffrey, middle-age has made plain English difficult for
    you . Of course I answered your question. You just didn't understand the
    answer and never will. There is more liberty and justice for all in
    America than there has been anywhere in the world at any time. That's why
    the only people leaving America are alienated adolescents (like yourself).
    Black, brown and other minorities are not leaving. And it's not for lack
    of carfare (really Jeffrey, you have to do better than this). It's because
    they realize they are better off here and have more rights here ... etc.
    > > > > > To try to explain this great material and spiritual wealth, as
    you do, by references to "colonial exploitation" and "imperialism" is,
    well, just another indication that you have learned nothing in the last
    forty years. Have you noticed the great flowering of economic prosperity
    and personal liberty and justice in Africa since its decolonization in
    1960? Can you explain why independent and socialist Cuba, which is a
    tropical island subsidized by three Marshall-size Plans (by Russia) and
    which has been trading continuously with every nation in the world except
    the United States since 1959 is poorer now than it was in 1959? Do you
    have a good reason why Mexico which had its revolution in 1910 and
    nationalized its oil in 1940 should be so poor, so corrupt and lacking in
    basic human rights, while Canada, a small country bordering America and no
    doubt a target of American investment should be doing so well? Did it ever
    occur to you that Hong Kong is the quintessential neo-colony while
    its inhabitants enjoy the highest standard of living in Asia? Did you ever
    think about the difference in the economic destinies of South Korea and
    North Korea, the one a client of the United States which in 1950 had a per
    capita income of $250 and was on par with Cuba, and is now one of the
    industrial powers of the world? Do you think that the trillions in wealth
    that Microsoft has generated comes out of the sweat of the working class?
    Really, Jeffrey, Marxism is so passe.
    > > > > > > Finally, what
    desperation makes you accuse me of "racism" because I said that that young
    people are idealistic and naive? Do you ever consider how progressives
    like you resemble nothing so much as neo-McCarthyites seeing racists,
    instead of reds, under every bed?). The fact that your students are poor,
    is only the beginning for them in a country where they are only limited by
    what's in their heads. It's too bad for these kids that they have someone
    like you stuffing tme with the very prejudice that will keep them poor.
    But then, why should that bother you? Your kids can tell their kids that
    the white male devil did it to them.

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