[sixties-l] physical body types facts

From: RozNews@aol.com
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 15:06:58 CUT

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     Alex constitine wrote

    > Dear Fat Mole: >
      and at another time mentioned DH body being fat.
     It is upsetting to me to hear folks who may feel that they are politically
    correct putting other folks down because of their physical being. This list
    is so male , i don't believe that women would be so nasty about body types.
    It is not that Im trying to protect DH. Last yearDavid H and I were the
    main speakers at an academic conference on American popular culture at the
    big event Saturday night. David talked and said the same things that he is
    saying on this list. He mainly rambled with no real facts about the early
    days of the Panthers. He came to know the Panthers so late, when they were
    already falling apart, he never experienced the Panthers that many of us
    knew . I don['t think that if anyone had a debate w/ DH you would learn
    anything new. Why do you guys want to debate so much?
     roz payne

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