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From: radman (resist@best.com)
Date: Tue Sep 05 2000 - 18:20:17 CUT

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    "Steal this Movie" --

    From: Michael Everett <ia728@primenet.com>

    Even with its many flaws, which included terrible casting for the two
    leads, I recommend this film as a sincere attempt at a biopic of Abbie
    Hoffman -- an icon of the 60's and the embodiment of the American
    revolutionary tradition.

    "Steal this Movie" is of course a play on words of Abbie's 60's
    handbook of revolution, "Steal this Book", but for jobless
    filmworkers, the title has yet another meaning, because "Steal this
    Movie" is indeed a stolen movie. It was stolen by NAFTA and is yet
    another example of an American cultural product purporting to be made
    in the US but in fact thrown together in the Canadian movie
    maquiladoras where runaway productions are rewarded by fat subsidies.

    Alert filmworkers will notice from the credits that "Steal this Movie"
    was in fact made in Ontario with just enough second unit work done in
    NY and LA to make it appear to be an American film.

    And any film worker who's sat on the edge of their seat through
    dailies to see whether their work was absolutely perfect will
    recognize yet another telltale sign of the made in Canada stamp -- the
    final shot of Abbie, as it moves into the key closeup of the film,
    wanders totally out of focus. Maybe it was the mischevious ghost of
    Abbie himself who threw that shot out of focus, or maybe it was just a
    Canadian film industry so jammed with subsidized NAFTA production that
    it can't find camera assistants who care enough or are experienced
    enough to meet the exacting demands of a difficult craft.

    No offense to our Canadian brothers and sisters who are just trying to
    make a buck like the rest of us and who have no more control over the
    corporate free trade agenda than do American workers, but shame on
    Producer/Director Robert Greenwald who poses as a liberal, but makes
    his living out of destroying the very industry that created him.

    Greenwald's Hollywood credits go back to the 1970's, but he's long
    since abandoned the Hollywood workers who toiled on his earlier
    projects for the greener subsidized pastures of Canada. Of
    Greenwald's last seven projects, six were fake made in USA films
    actually produced in Canada. In addition to 'Steal this Movie", they

    "Deadlocked" (Vancouver), a TV movie about the American justice system
    "Audrey Hepburn" (Montreal), biopic
    "Outrage at Glen Ridge" (Toronto), a TV movie about a gang rape set in
    Glen Ridge, New Jersey
    "Secret Path" (Toronto), a TV movie about family abuse and race
    relations set in the rural South
    "Zelda" (Montreal), a TV biopic about Zelda Fitzgerald

    Isn't it time we call fake Hollywood liberals like Robert Greenwald to
    account for their complicity in destroying an industry that took
    eighty years of sweat and toil to build and for the suffering they've
    caused to working families?

    Michael Everett
    IATSE Local 728, Hollywood

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