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Date: Fri Sep 01 2000 - 15:35:40 CUT

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     Stew writes

    >Robert Greenwald does a
    >> great job as director and overseer -- even with the stock footage
    I worked as a consultant on the film Steal this Movie, reading the script
    for truthfulness and how the fbi was portrayed. I also sold stock footage to
    the film of the pentagon demonstration for the film, abbie was later
    digitally put into the pentagon demos. Cheaper way to make a movie than
    shooting an entire demonstration. The Ellen Willis review of the film was
    right on.
    I think another person should have been hired to play Abbie, the actor who
    played his was more like Jerry than Abbie. He didn't sound like , move, talk
    like Abbie.
    On Sept 13 at UVM campus Burlington Vermont at CC auditorium , 7pm the
    film will be shown as a fundraiser. If you are in the area please come.
    roz payne

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