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Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 17:53:37 CUT

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    For another view of the 60s, watch for my new documentary film, REBELS WITH A
    CAUSE. (I haven't seen Steal This Movie yet. I'm anxious to see it, it just
    hasn't come to my part of the world).

    REBELS is a feature length documentary focusing on SDS (tho it encompasses
    more because that was the nature of SDS). The film covers the decade as seen
    throught the eyes of 28 SDS members (including many of the key officers of
    the organization from all time periods as well as some chapter activists). I
    let the people tell the story, with as little bridging narration as possible,
    supplemented with archival photos & footage where it existed (tho for many
    periods, it was unfortunately almost non-existant). I'm an old SDS activist
    [1962 on, assistant national secretary 1964-5, ERAP project 1965-7...] so I
    tried to present the story as we saw it, to show why we got involved, why we
    did what we did, to show the changes we went through during that crazy
    decade. The film covers things that regular media accounts often overlook
    (everything from the Port Huron statement, ERAP community organizing
    projects, the early women's movement, COINTELPRO) as well as better known
    things (civil rights to Pentagon to Weathermen). It's a very packed 110
    minutes and seems to lead to great discussions after.

    (Interviewees: Jane Adams, Bill Ayers, Carolyn Craven, Carl Davidson,
    Bernardine Dohrn, Alice Embree, Dick Flacks, Todd Gitlin, Carol Glassman,
    Juan Gonzalez, Alan Haber, Casey Hayden, Tom Hayden, Mark Kleiman, Sue Eanet
    Klonsky, Sharon Jeffrey Lehrer, Steve Max, Jeff Shero Nightbyrd, Carl
    Oglesby, Robert Pardun, Judy Schiffer Perez, Bob Ross, Vivian Leburg
    Rothstein, Mike Spiegel, Elizabeth Stanley, Marilyn Salzman Webb, Cathy
    Wilkerson, Junius Williams)

    The film will begin showing in theaters this fall, although most cities won't
    begin until January. Campus showings will soon follow. I will be traveling
    with the film to different cities (usually along with associate producer &
    old SDSer Robert Pardun [U Texas chapter, national internal educational
    secretary 1967-8]) and am very open to invites to speak on campuses, either
    after a film showing (Q & A is often a good format, some places prefer
    something more formal) or in classes.

    The film is being distributed by Zeitgeist Films (on16mm and VHS) and anyone
    wanting to order a copy for school use (classroom or campus showings) should
    contact them (247 Centre St, NY, NY 10013 (212) 274-1989
    mail@zeitgeistfilm.com). If you want to to have me come and speak or to be
    put on a list to be informed when it becomes available for home video, let me
    know (sdsrebels@aol.com or (408) 353-4253). I will be out on the road off &
    on beginnining mid-Sept but will get messages periodically. If your school
    can afford a speakers fee, that simplifies things, but I want to also try to
    get to places that can't, as the schedule permits (we hope to do a lot of
    traveling by car so we can go to more places). (The film was funded
    primarily from grass-roots donations and loans that now need to be paid back,
    so any money you can get for us sure helps.) We can also speak to classes
    when we're in town for a theatrical showing in your city. Again, let me know
    if you're interested.

    The film will be in NY Nov 10-16 (Screening Room), Ann Arbor (Michigan
    Theater, Sept 24 with panel; later in Oct for regular run); Santa Cruz Nov
    2-8 (Nickolodeon Theater). We'll try to keep theatrical showings posted on
    our (minimal) website (sdsrebels.com).

    Please pass the word on to anyone you know who is doing a 60s class. And I
    hope to meet some of you as we travel around.

    Helen Garvy (producer/director)

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