[sixties-l] Nader Vietnam keeping the faith and the edge

From: PNFPNF@aol.com
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 08:14:35 CUT

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    I don't know how important is what Nader did or didn't re Vietnam. Certainly
    we accepted and respected in the antiwar movement the later joiners--the V V
    A W folks, for instance. My objection is rather to those who DID struggle
    against the war--and injustices--then, and now will do nothing or have become
    reactionary, whether in obvious or in gross "little" daily ways (for
    instance, it is sadly NOT the ex-60s lawyers who'll be helping me in a
    struggle against agism); I am bothered every time persons I knew in struggle
    now sigh and say "there'll always be war" or "that's how it is" or variants
    on "dog eat dog" [popular phrase, recent years, again; let's guess
    why]...particularly when, then, their secretary asks if I'd like some water
    or a coffee...
      My objection is also to those--including some on this list, I
    suspect--whose support for Nader this election has not considered the effects
    even a few years of Bush, however NEAR-identical the Dems and the Reps, will
    have on those on the edge--the single(once-would've-had-at-least-welfare)
    mothes who'll have to give up their kids, the kids who'll die from latchkey
    dangers, the old persons--hey, how many of us?--who won't get the
    slightly-more-expensive treatments needed for an illness--and so on. Which
    is NOT to say vote for Gore--hey, Nader/Greens may have a chance to build to
    what we'd want--or to start to, but then the estab. will...but then maybe we
    will... My point is, rather, that it is important not to be too academic
    or abstract in this, but to remember there are, in short and long term both,
    real lives at stake, maybe our own, maybe someone's we care about--or
    maybe...another soul, a person (or animal, or tree, or endangered lake)...

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