[sixties-l] Nader & Vietnam

From: Ted Morgan (epm2@lehigh.edu)
Date: Wed Aug 30 2000 - 15:25:25 CUT

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    Now third-hand, I received the following inquiry about Ralph Nader's
    position (back then) on the Vietnam War (and on the civil rights
    movement). Does anyone have any feedback on this?

    Forwarded message:

    >Got an interesting email from a friend today and I quote:

    > "Well agree that Nader's current positions are superior...but what did
    he have
    > to say about the Vietnam War when we were fighting it? And where was
    > during the Civil rights movement. He was very focused on other
    > things, but to remain silent..or in the background..during those times

    > loses my vote today!"
    > Any suggestions for rebuttal? Rob

    My own take is, in light of Nader's public record since the 60s and his
    current outspoken criticism of globalizing capitalism (not his term!)
    and the erosion of democracy, that it doesn't greatly matter to me what
    Nader's positions were on Vietnam & civil rights, though I strongly
    suspect that he was critical and supportive respectively. He's getting
    my vote anyway.

    Ted Morgan

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