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Date: Tue Aug 29 2000 - 23:52:46 CUT

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    << The people who really
    came across were Abbie and his two women, Lefcourt, and Bobby Seale.
          One thing I liked very much was that the movie didn't pander, in dealing
    with sex and drugs. And the closing speech was terrific.

      Bill - You really do understand the movie - in a way its a film about Abbie 
    Hoffman as seen through the eyes of Anita and Johanna - and Leftcourt. Jerry 
    and I and Judy are lesser characters. I was shown in some of my favorite 
    moments - re- buying the pig - throwing money at the Stock Brokers and in the 
    Free Store. Also it shows me getting worked over by cops quite a bit - 
    something which you may recall Bill - was one of their favorite past times. 

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