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     From the New Paradigms Discussion List

    From: "Alex Constantine" <alexx12@mediaone.net>
    Subject: Alex Constantine v. David Horowitz
    Date: Thursday, August 24, 2000 1:36 AM

    To: David Horowitz

    THE FBI MURDERED 28 BLACK PANTHERS and the Bureau set others up for arrest
    on false homicide charges, etc. Your explanation for moving to the Fascist
    Right is a smug deception, and you are full of sh-t. I challenge you to an
    open debate in the forum of your choosing. All I ask is that you select a
    venue where your CIA sponsors (Scaife, etc.) have no pull. A tit-for-tat to
    be posted on the Internet is fine by me. I have published five books on
    Fascism, so there is no need to condescend. Take me up on this challenge,
    you insufferable, hairy stinkbug, because I will write about you anyway,
    with or without your input.
    Alex Constantine

    Horowitz responds:
    You are such an ignoramus I have to refer you to an article written thirty
    years ago by Edward J. Epstein in the New Yorker which investigated the
    self-serving Panther claims and found them empty. Also, watch your language.
    This is a family publication. D.H.

    Dear Fat Mole:
    You constantly play on the assumption that those of us 'out here' listening
    to your Ultra disinformation are 'ignoramuses.' You seem convinced that you
    can get away with any old lie, pass it off as fact, and the Boobocracy will
    never know the difference.

    Directing your readers to an article by Edward J. Epstein only reinforces
    the point I made concerning your ties to the CIA, because Epstein has long
    been on cozy terms with the 'Company.' Your reference, then, is an 'inside
          Here are a few cites for you, too, David:
          Robin Ramsey, the editor of Lobster, a magazine about intelligence
    operations published in the UK, writes: 'Edward J. Epstein published a
    series of articles that later, in 1978, were the basis for his book, Legend:
    The Secret World of Lee Harvey Oswald. The articles, and especially the
    book, publicized for the first time clashes that had occurred within the
    Agency between the Counterintelligence (CI) Staff and the Soviet Division
    over the bona fides of a KGB defector named Yuriy Nosenko. Because Epstein's
    writings contained so much information about sensitive CIA and FBI
    operations, it was generally assumed he had a willing and knowledgeable
    source, either a serving officer (considered doubtful) or a retired senior
    person with wide knowledge of anti-Soviet operations overseas and in the
    United States. Neither the articles nor the book was annotated, however.
    Epstein stated that he had spoken occasionally with James Angleton, the
    retired chief of CIA's CI Staff, but did not acknowledge that he was the
    source.' Further, there is a passage concerning 'the massive Anglo-American
    media attention devoted to Edward J. Epstein's book Legend in 1973. In that
    Epstein sought to re-establish the Warren Commission's verdict that Lee
    Harvey Oswald alone did the dirty deed; but adding to it the suggestion
    that he had been got at by the KGB. Oswald was still a 'lone nut' but somehow
    the KGB's 'lone nut'. In fact, despite spending a great deal of Readers
    Digest research money, Epstein found no evidence that Oswald was KGB, and
    his rehash of the Warren Commission's version of the shooting in Dallas was
    as inept as its progenitor. Why did he do it? Epstein was by then the
    spokesman for James Jesus Angleton, the paranoid former head of CIA Counter
    Intelligence who had been sacked in 1974.'
          In The Last Investigation, Gaeton Fonzi puts a finer point on it. He
    notes that although Epsteins Inquest was 'one of the first books critical
    of the Warren Commission, Epstein's contacts with the CIA were considered
    suspicious by many of his fellow critics. In addition, it was known that
    Epstein was then working under a lucrative contract from Reader's Digest, a
    publication that had done cooperative projects with the Agency, to write a
    book that would suggest that Lee Harvey Oswald was an agent of Russia's
    intelligence service, the KGB.'
          If these sources dont suit you, I will be glad to expand on Epstein
    and explain to you why he is not a reputable source.
           You are also a CIA propagandist, albeit a fat and exceptionally
    hypocritical one, and thats why your 'work,' destroying liberalism, appears
    in Human Events, National Review and other 'conservative' magazines
    subsidized by the Agency. This is not so unusual. The Church Committee, as
    you must know, found 400 reporters on the CIA payroll.
    Disinformation <sometimes parading as 'conservative thought,' as your 'work'
    also does> was their game. There are, to this day, scores of media figures
    who 'play ball' with the Agency. One of the most generous funding pools for
    these morally-crippled pukes is Richard Mellon Scaife, who was recruited by
    the CIA for 'Operation Mockingbird,' the systematic infiltration of the
    media, in the 1950s (I documented all of this in 'And Now a Word from Our
    Sponsor ... the CIA,' Virtual Government, Feral House,1997). The fact that
    you are funded by R.M. Scaife, a domestic CIA propagandist, this alone,
    qualifies you as a media 'Mockingbird.' The fact that you publish almost
    exclusively in Agency-funded propaganda outlets, eg. National Review,
    fleshes out a portrait of David Horowitz, a propagandist funded by the
    tax-payer to promote fascism.
          I repeat: 28 Black Panthers were murdered. Tupac Shakur makes 29
    because the leading suspect in his killing, according to the Los Angeles
    Times, is a cop entangled in the Ramparts scandal.
          BTW, Im anxious to discuss your claims concerning Betty Van Patten and
    the Panthers. Ready when you are, stinkbug.

    Alex Constantine

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