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Date: Tue Aug 29 2000 - 01:43:57 CUT

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    I really don't like Stew Albert's "ex-CPers" fixation. There are other kinds of
    ex-Cpers, too, as he well knows. I'm one, and there are plenty more who, like me,
    dropped their affiliation, but not their humanism, progressivism, militancy.
                                                            William Mandel

    Jeffrey Blankfort wrote:

    > Stew Albert writes:
    > > Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2000 21:06:01 EDT
    > Yeah, Stew, you're right about Lovestone, and I'm not about defending
    > the CP which beginning with Roosevelt, hasn't found a Democrat it
    > couldn't support, but I am not sure that it was ex-CPers to started
    > National Review. Bill Buckley? There were a number of folks live
    > Irving Brown and Tom Donohue, from Social Democrats USA, who did their
    > Cold War work within the AFL-CIA. But a big difference is that what was
    > then the left, or progressives, in general, wanted no part of them.
    > Here you have Hayden, for example, who not only supported Israel's
    > bloody unprovoked invasion of Lebanon, which left 20,000 Lebanese and
    > Palestinians dead and brought tens of thousands of Israelis in the
    > streets in protest, but he went with wife Jane to Beirut and sat with
    > Israeli gunners as they shelled Beirut during a 76-day siege and then
    > refused to meet with Israeli anti-war activists when they returned to
    > Israel. If you think this is acceptable behavior and Hayden should be
    > excused for this breach of, shall we say good taste, I don't. For me,
    > having been in Beirut and having seen what the Israelis did there, I
    > would no more have anything to do with him then I would with someone who
    > had accompanied the Nazis as they rounded up Jews. Arab lives,
    > apparently, do not have the same value in American society, across
    > virtually the entire breadth of the political spectrum.
    > Now Hayden is playing Jesse Jackson's game, trying to keep wavering
    > left-libs from straying into Nader's camp. That was his role on the
    > streets, and that his son Troy was hit by a rubber bullet, is something
    > his conscience, if he has one, will have to live with. Or why he did not
    > go on the floor of the convention, as did some delegates in 68, to
    > protest the police actions in the streets.
    > Jeff Blankfort
    > From: StewA@AOL.COM
    > > Subject: Re: [sixties-l] Re: sixties-l-Robert Scheer sells out
    > >
    > > You should consider former CP leader Jay Lovestone who became a major player
    > > in the CIA -AFL-CIO cold war alliance for world capitalist hegemony. And all
    > > the ex-CPers who helped start the super influential right wing National
    > > Review. And then there were all those ex-CPers who just became apolitical
    > > businesmen. (I know a few.) Hayden is a saint next to them.
    > > I think the difference in our current politics is not over issues, since I
    > > agree with you on the ones that you mention (I think)- but your sort of
    > > biblical tendency to say if you are bad on a few issues, then that is so
    > > significant that nothing else counts. And I tend to say ok you're terrible
    > > here and there (and that sucks) but you're still ok on 90% so I'm not putting
    > > you in Horowitz land. And I would even vote for you as mayor of LA. Actually
    > > you think Hayden and the others live in a place worse than Horowitz land. You
    > > know, there was a time when the CP called liberals and social dems - Social
    > > Fascists. It turned out to be a big mistake.
    > > Stew Albert
    > >
    > >

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