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Date: Mon Aug 28 2000 - 18:35:01 CUT

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    > Say, Don't We Know Each Other From Somewhere?
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    There were others, inside the 1968 Democratic Convention, Gov. Abe
    Ribicoff for one, who spoke on the convention floor about the police
    attack on the demonstrators outside. Was there as single Democrat in
    Los Angeles. including the peripatetic Gore delegate Tom Hayden, who
    spoke out in LA about what the police were doing to the demonstrators on
    the streets? I did hear reports that the delegates were carefully
    "shielded" from knowing what was going on. For an entire week? I think
    a better word would have been "protected."

    Jeff Blankfort

    > Playwright Arthur Miller was a delegate in Chicago. From the convention
    > floor, he recounted the scenes of delegates being arrested, news reporters
    > beaten, the galleries packed by screaming goons. In defense of itself, the
    > establishment resorted to brute force:
    > "It was a congregation of the aged, men locked into a kind of political
    > senility that was roaring its challenge across the six miles of
    > superhighway to the 10,000 children just then gathering for the slaughter
    > opposite the Conrad Hilton Hotel. The old bulls against the young bulls
    > under the overhanging branches of the forest. "Then it struck me that
    > there was no issue cleaving the convention; there was only a split in the
    > attitude toward power, two mutually hostile ways of being human."
    > The Democratic Party today is in the custody of men and women who have
    > seen, firsthand, what a powerful word "protest" can be in American
    > politics: How frustrations can wrap themselves around causes and work their
    > way into the body politic. Sometimes, not always, those stray neutrons
    > begin to pick up a charge. Then all hell can break loose.

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