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From: StewA@aol.com
Date: Mon Aug 28 2000 - 16:34:03 CUT

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    I received an e-mail about this and thought I would take it to the list as a
    topic. Something like -- what were your first reactions to the gay movement?
    I was, as a straight guy, forced to be an early supporter because some of my
    friends turned out gay -- and well, you have to support your friends -- but I
    really examined nothing about my inner feelings views, etc. Then Tom Foran,
    the prosecutor in the Chicago 8 case denounced the defendants as "fags" and
    said we were losing our children to the "freaking fag revolution." He made
    headlines with this hate speech. So I wrote an article for the Berkeley Tribe
    stating that Foran was a repressed homosexual and that the repression drove
    him crazy. I pointed out that during the trial after he finished
    cross-examining Allen Ginsberg - he whispered "faggot" on the loud side. In
    my article I expressed support for the gay movement. I figured Foran would be
    given the piece by an FBI agent and be furious. And it certainly was my
    intent to make him very angry. I was also expecting to win some sort of
    "straight man of the year" award from the gay community -- but instead was
    attacked -- my article was being interpreted as saying that it was a bad
    thing to have homosexual desires -- and that Foran was bad because he had
    them. I reread my article and it seems that I was saying just that in every
    third paragraph -- after endorsing the gay revolution in the preceding two
    paragraphs. I did not enjoy the hostile response -- but it forced me to think
    about the new gay movement in a deeper and more challenging way. And to see
    how much street Brooklyn bigotry I still possessed. I wonder how others dealt
    with the movement when it was new? Gay or straight.--
    Stew Albert

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