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Date: Mon Aug 28 2000 - 18:18:40 CUT

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        Let's face it. Gitlin today has been given status because he represents
    Establishment views and can give them credibility thanks to his SDS background.
        On Kosovo, read the on-the-spot article by Christian Parenti in the current issue
    of the San Francisco Bay Guardian, a freebie weekly with larger circulation than the
    major dailies. It has won the kind of standing that compels city officials to write
    letters to the editor to defend themselves against its exposes. It is
    One should also read the closing three pages of my Saying No To Power, for the view
    that the war's purpose was to establish the closest possible U.S. land forces base to
    Caspian oil; that its consequence has been to stimulate the founding of an EU
    military force independent of NATO and capable, down the road, of confronting the
    U.S., while the unipolar world before Kosovo has now become one in which this country
    may face the combination of China, India, and Russia.

    William Mandel

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    > Interesting thread.

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