[sixties-l] Re: Eisenhower Ordered Lumumba's Murder

From: Jeffrey Blankfort (jab@tucradio.org)
Date: Wed Aug 23 2000 - 13:52:09 CUT

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    The Guardian (UK)

    Thursday, August 10, 2000

    President 'ordered murder' of Congo leader

    By Martin Kettle in Washington

    Forty years after the murder of the Congolese independence
    leader Patrice Lumumba, evidence has emerged in Washington
    that President Dwight Eisenhower directly ordered the CIA
    to "eliminate" him.

    The evidence comes in a previously unpublished 1975
    interview with the minute-taker at an August 1960 White
    House meeting of Eisenhower and his national security
    advisers on the Congo crisis.

    The minute-taker, Robert Johnson, said in the interview that
    he vividly recalled the president turning to Allen Dulles,
    director of the CIA, "in the full hearing of all those in
    attendance, and saying something to the effect that Lumumba
    should be eliminated":



    Washington Post

    Tuesday, August 8, 2000; Page A23

    Did Ike Authorize a Murder?

    By George Lardner Jr., Staff Writer

    As president, Dwight Eisenhower laid down strict rules for reports on meetings of the National Security Council: no direct quotations.

    A memo concerning an Aug. 18, 1960, meeting about the Congo's troublesome first premier, Patrice Lumumba, made public this week at the National Archives after years of gathering dust, suggests the wisdom of the rule--at least as far as Ike was concerned.

    The official note taker at that meeting, Robert H. Johnson, vividly recalled Eisenhower turning to CIA Director Allen Dulles "in the full hearing of all those in attendance and saying something to the effect that Lumumba should be eliminated":



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