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Date: Sat Aug 19 2000 - 05:23:02 CUT

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    >>Roz: We are all deeply indebted to you for that humungous job on the
    >>files. Bill Mandel
    >> wrote:
    >Just had a talk with Bernadine Dohrn and she says she's surprised that more
    >people aren't mining the archives of Cointelpro. They are a wealth of
    >information. I haven't looked at them myself but she says they tell stories
    >that answer a lot of questions about how the left operated and was

            The impression I have from working on my own a bit and with a few other
    researchers and attorneys of black nationalist leaders in one city is: 1.
    the FBI releases pages path by patch, frustrating. It could years to get
    someone's file. 2. black out up to 75 per cent; 3. some fbi bureaus
    surveilled and set up dissidents WITHOUT SANCTION from Washington --
    proceeding the COINTEL, going back to 1964.

            Also there's the cost of duplication: one subject's file ran 10,000 pages.
    I believe the going rate is .40 a page so you do the math.

            The bureau is forcing subjects to go to court to get material released
    that was not part of any formal cointel, and then using the defense that
    disclosure will reveal identities of c.i's and arguing that the informant's
    could still be retaliated against for the work they did - which if that
    were the case would be possible. Federal courts invariably find for the
    bureau when they make this defense of withholding.

            Two other reasons why the bureau is digging in: release of more
    information would show how thoroughly emeshed they were with local police,
    ex-fbi agents setting themselves as security consultants and pi's, and
    finally, organized crime connected to the local police. Mob hits then be
    charged to dissident subjects. In one city I know this to be the
    major-major reason.
            And there's something else...I picked up as innuendoes, abbreviated phone
    calls, dangling questions from people in positions you'd think that would
    permit them to be more aggressive in obtaining or publishing what has thus
    far been gleaned: a well-justified fear of retaliation. It's not over.

    Robert Houriet

     4. Connections with organized cri

    My impression from an attorney

    >Judging from the messages on critiques of the left and our tactics in the
    >60s and 70s, this is a very appropriate subject, especially given that we
    >often attack each other more vehemently than we do the right wing. Much of
    >our attacks may have been based upon rumors perpetuated by Cointelpro
    >agents. I recall reading that forged FBI letters that supposedly revealed
    >undercover agents were used to break up the leadership of the BBP.
    >best, Don Monkerud

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