[sixties-l] BPP, Cointelpro, and truth

From: RozNews@aol.com
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 11:32:34 CUT

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    Let me make it clear that my field is the FBI and it's Cointelpro against the
    Black Panthers. I am NOT speaking of FOIAP documents that folks can request
    about them selves,their groups , and others. Most of those documents have
    many areas blacked out. Go to FBI reading room and you can read thousands of
    these. As a law clerk and legal worker in the 1980's I read the documents
    and made a computerized index to the documents released as discovery
    material, after a 4 year battle with the FBI . These were the legal
    documents that were released in the civil suite of Richard Dhoruba bin Wahad
    a member of the BPP. Not only that but I also listened to hundreds of hours
    of FBI wiretaped conversations made at BPP members homes, phone taps etc.
    Because it is a legal case and I have priviledge information I am not able to
    tell you all that I know. Nor am I including this private information I have
    in my video histories. I read every confession of foks who where arrested
    in cases in the New Haven Alex Rackley. I also interviewed and became
    "friends" with the main FBI agent (on his 80 birthday) who opened the files
    and wrote the 90 day reports to Hoover on the BPP from the San Fransico
    office. I've been working with and friends with Panthers since 1971. Jeff,
    Im sorry, I don't feel I need to prove my expertise or the truth of my
    material .
    my best, roz payne
    In a message Jeff wrote.
    >I don't know, of course, what Panthers you have interviewed,
    >and what is in those 350,000 FBI documents you have read, many of which,
    >no doubt were heavily censored, as well as "created" for the eyes of
    >future researchers.

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