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Date: Mon Aug 14 2000 - 22:05:10 CUT

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    KFOG, SAN FRANCISCO: A Foghead called the KFOG morning show to inform us
    that a statue of Jerry Garcia had been erected in Golden Gate Park. When we
    called the Parks and Recreation Department they knew nothing about it. KFOG
    News Director Peter Finch went out to the park to investigate. He entered
    the park at Fulton and Stanyan, looked to his left... and there it was!
    Sitting inconspicuously under a tree - a full length, three-foot tall bronze
    statue of Jerry Garcia, set in cement. Flowers hung from the statue and a
    candle burned at the foot of it.
    LATEST NEWS: Renee Richardson has confirmed that the statue has been removed
    from it's previous location in the park as of Friday afternoon. No one has
    claimed responsibility for the statue, which was first spotted in Golden
    Gate Park on the fifth anniversary of Garcia's death.

    see website below for photos:


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