Re: [sixties-l] public enemy BPP film

Date: Mon Aug 14 2000 - 00:16:24 CUT

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    Where and when will the BPP film be shown?
    As a person who was born during the late 60's & is fascinated with
    that era, I agree with you that some of the BPP as well as
    the other revolutionary movements of the 60's were an intertwined combination
    of government harassment and self-inflicted grandiosity.

    I only hope that future generations will emulate the best of the 60's
    & discard the self-destructive aspects.

    BTW, there is a cartoon called "The Boondocks", syndicated in several
    hundred papers across the country, that deals with some of these
    issues in an updated fashion.
    The URL for their website is

    John Williams

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