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Date: Sun Aug 13 2000 - 22:35:54 CUT

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    Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2000 16:47:09 EDT
    From: StewA@aol.com

    In a message dated 8/13/0 7:15:56 PM, sixties@lists.village.virginia.edu

    << In a message dated 8/12/0 7:17:38 PM, jab@tucradio.org writes:

    << After all, I can't
    think of any Old Lefties who became the equivalent of Todd Gitlin, Bob
    Scheer, or for that matter, Tom Hayden (oh, oh, there goes Blankfort
    again, shooting down another 60s icon. Details at 11). >>

    Have you never heard of D.Horowitz's hero, W. Chambers and that whole crowd
    of hideous turncoats who came out of the old left - and became the most
    militant of anti-Communists? I do make a distinction between Horowitz and the
    others you mention. David H's ideas have taken on a fascistic tint.
      Now I'm not completely sure where Scheer is coming from these days,
    but I think he still is some kind of liberal, as for Gitlin and Hayden - if
    you look at 90 per cent of their positions they are still quite on the left
    side of things, and, especially Hayden, not remotely close to Horowitz.
    Stew Albert

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