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Date: Sun Aug 06 2000 - 11:32:54 CUT

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    >>in March, 1971, when secret files were removed from
    >>an FBI office and released to news media.

    A group broke into the FBI offices in Media Penn. and ripped off FBI
    cointelpro files.
    (This would be almost impossible now) The FBI decided that they also would
    release files to the media and pretend that they were the ones that broke
    into the office. They made up new files that proclaimed that some folks were
    FBI agents. These files were sent out to the media and others. The FBI took
    advantage of the break in to do more cointelpro operations.
    I read and made a comperterized index to more than 350,000 FBI cointlpro
    and FBI files on Blacks and the Black Panther Party in the l980's.
    I have a slide show and an art show of about 30 of the FBI produced drawings
    from the Cointelpro files.
    >WHO WERE THE MAIN TARGETS? The most intense
    >operations were directed against the Black
    >movement, particularly the Black Panther Party.
    This program was based on a program that was felt by the FBI to be successful
    in destroying the SWP, Commies, and other left white groups . The first
    targets of
    Cointelpro among blacks were NOI, RAM, SNCC, CORE, the BPP was added later.

    Roz Payne

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