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Date: Sat Aug 05 2000 - 17:12:44 CUT

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    >Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2000 23:57:57 -0500 (CDT)
    >By Michael Ravnitzky , mikerav@ix.netcom.com
    >On December 16, 1994, I requested Mandatory Declassification Review of these
    >CIA documents:
    >- The President's Daily Brief for the period November 1 - 30, 1963 (or the
    >equivalent presidential briefing document at that time) for each of the
    >daily briefings during that period.
    >- The National Intelligence Daily for the period November 1 - 30, 1963 (or
    >the equivalent briefing document at that time period).
    >On May 2, 2000, the Agency deigned to reply, deciding that it could not
    >declassify any part of any of these documents. What they were saying, in
    >effect, is that no page, no paragraph, no sentence of these Briefs could be
    >declassified, even after 37 years!
    >This decision was issued even in the shadow of the JFK Assassination Records
    >Act which required the declassification of essentially all Kennedy
    >Assassination Records, the definition of which was interpreted very broadly.
    >You see, these Daily Briefs originated just before and just after the
    >Kennedy Assassination, and would presumably shed light on the context of
    >this event.
    >Lacking any further explanation, I can only assume that the CIA has acted in
    >this case in a similarly inattentive manner as it had in the matter of the
    >History of the Overthrow in Iran in 1954.
    >I believe that given the lack of additional explanation, any rational person
    >must agree that these briefings should be released, even if in part.
    >I did send an appeal, but it looks like that will be unsuccessfu I hope
    >that you will feel some small obligation to request a copy of some or all of
    >these daily Briefings under the Freedom of Information Act. Your letter
    >simply must mention the Act.. That is the only way the status quo regarding
    >release determination will change for the better. Simply send a letter
    >requesting the documents to:
    >Central Intelligence Agency
    >Attn: Kathryn I. Dyer
    >Information & Privacy Coordinator
    >Washington, DC 20505
    >A TECHNICALITY: Some of you might suggest using an MDR appeal at ISCAP.
    >Please note that this option has been preempted by my patience since the
    >wording of the Executive Order first requires an appeal to the CIA Agency
    >Release Panel once the Agency itself has responded. Once I received an
    >actual reply (after nearly 5 years), I was forced to use the Agency
    >Administrative Appeal procedure (before going to ISCAP).

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