[sixties-l] Fwd: [nyc-dan] JAIL SOLIDARITY DEMANDS & UPDATE (fwd)

From: Johanna Fernandez Pena (jf133@columbia.edu)
Date: Fri Aug 04 2000 - 13:22:30 CUT

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    word on phili arrests! please forward

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    >Subject: [nyc-dan] JAIL SOLIDARITY DEMANDS & UPDATE
    >Date: Wed, 02 Aug 2000 22:35:18 -0700
    >Hi everyone, reporting in from Philly:
    >As of today, 8/2/00 the estimated numbers of arrests are 465. People are
    >slowly being arraigned with bail ranging from $15,000 to $100,000, to
    >Overall, people are maintaining jail solidarity and are feeling pretty
    >Seven male members of the Harpers Ferry affinity group have gone on a
    >strike and would like the press and e-mail lists to be made aware of this
    >and support their demands (see below).
    >We are asking people to call Deputy Commissioner Mitchell (Head of
    >Demonstrations), 215-686-3364; Captain Fisher (Head of Civil Affairs)
    >215-685-3684; Chief Maxwell (Head of Detectives & Investigations)
    >215-686-3362. Tell them that you are calling to express your concerns
    >* Police violence against protesters in the streets & in jail. This
    > includes 1 broken wrist; 1 woman dragged naked and bleeding; people
    > hit in the head with nightsticks in the street, multiple cases of
    > dehydration.
    >* Medical concerns not being addressed (asthmatic inhalers,
    > hypoglycemic meds).
    >* The arrests of 75 puppet makers from a warehouse and the police
    > destroyed the puppets in a compactor.
    >* People are not being allowed to use the bathroom.
    >* People are being dragged naked from place to place while in custody.
    >* People are being singled out as organizers, held in isolation and
    > given higher charges.
    >Say you are following the situation & encourage/demand:
    >1) All charges be dropped. This demand will include those who are
    > charged with felonies and those that have already been released.
    >2) No separation or isolation of any individual.
    >3) Equal treatment for all individuals.
    >4) Full access to health care including medicines, food and bathroom.
    >5) An end to the harassment of legal observers.
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