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Date: Thu Aug 03 2000 - 09:54:50 CUT

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    You got your rise. There were a few problems with what you suggested.
    First, the attitude of the cops at Bass Lake was very different. The SF
    Angels were under the protection of the SFPD whereas at Bass Lake, the
    cops were looking for a reason to exercise their legal authority. Two,
    the nighborhood where I lived was mostly Latino (back in 71), many of
    whom were without papers, and already under the gun and the helicopters
    of the SFPD. Three, I was one of the few folks doing prison work at the
    time, and to stop that and other things I was doing to engage in a
    battle with the Angels when so many of the unconcious 60s folks,
    following JJ and Big Brothers lead, and also the Dead, were romanticizng
    the Angels, was simply not a reasonable possibility. Eventually, while I
    was out of town, they bumped someone off in the apartment next door,
    started a fire to cover it, which fortunately was put out, and they went
    off to serve time. Even their friends in the SFPD couldn't protect them
    on that one.

    Jeff Blankfort

    Jerry West wrote:

    > I knew if I worded it right I would get a rise with that post. :)
    > Never had to tell them that as they never gave us any trouble. And I
    > never machoed them at all, we were always civil to one another and they
    > were very cooperative. But then I suppose that it was clear that
    > certain law enforcement folks in the county were just waiting for an
    > excuse to draw blood, and these guys were not about to provide one.
    > My point is, however, if people do not stand up for what is right they
    > enable these types to have their way. We have a problem with them here
    > in BC in fact, and here too there is the intimidation and problem of
    > getting people to testify. When people do this it breaks down the whole
    > system of justice and gives credence to vigilanteism.
    > Granted that standing up to them alone might have been foolish, but who
    > is to say what would have happened had your whole neighborhood stood up
    > to them as a group?

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