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Date: Thu Aug 03 2000 - 01:23:55 CUT

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    radman says:
    Ask and ye shall receive. The author below found my inquiry in the
    sixties-l archives and emailed me privately. I have received his permission
    to post the following.

    PATRICK ARGUELLO (1943-70) 1960's Internationalist

    On September 6, 1970, the Popular Front for the
    Liberation of Palestine hijacked three airplanes to
    free captured members and bring attention to their
    cause. The hostage crisis on an abandoned airstrip in
    Jordan captured world attention. That same day, a
    fourth attempted hijack of an Israeli El Al flight
    failed. The male hijacker was killed, and the female
    hijacker was taken into custody by British authorities
    when the Israeli plane made an emergency landing in
    London. She was identified as Leila Khaled, a
    Palestinian guerrilla famous for a previous hijacking
    in 1969.

    The slain hijacker was later identified as Patrick
    Arguello Ryan, a 27-year-old man of
    Nicaraguan-American background. Questions abounded:
    Who was he and how did he come to be involved with the
    Palestinians? Many assumed he was merely a radical
    embracing a revolutionary cause, a leftist student
    like so many of that era. Some called him an
    internationalist hero like Che Guevara, while others
    called him a cold-blooded terrorist like Carlos the

    The truth about Patrick Arguello is far more complex.
    Patrick was a member of Nicaragua's Sandinista National
    Liberation Front. He died in an obscure chapter of
    Sandinista history: their 1970 collaboration with
    Palestinian guerrillas.

    Patrick Arguello's own life, albeit short, was
    eventful. He was the child of an American mother and a
    Nicaraguan father, and spent his childhood in
    Nicaragua. But in 1957, his family was wrongly
    suspected of involvement in the assassination of
    Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza, and forced to
    flee to the United States. Patrick spent his teenage
    and early adult years in Los Angeles, during a time of
    political changes such as the Cuban revolution and
    the U.S. civil rights movement.

    Patrick obtained a Fullbright scholarship to study in
    Chile in 1967-68. It was a time of great ferment in
    Chile, which culminated in the 1970 election of
    Leftist President Salvador Allende. When Patrick
    returned to Nicaragua, he worked with the
    Nicaraguan student movement. He hoped to join the
    Sandinista National Liberation Front.

    In August 1969, the Somoza government exiled Patrick
    for his political activities. He subsequently went
    to Europe and became involved with an FSLN cell there.
    The FSLN began to collaborate with various factions
    of the Palestinian guerrilla movement, known as
    Fedayeen,in order to receive military training for a
    group of Sandinista recruits. Patrick Arguello was
    part of a small group of Nicaraguans who trained in
    Jordan and participated in the planning of the
    September hijackings. This hijacking would lead to his

    I am currently researching the biography of Patrick
    Arguello.His life and death are an inspiring story of
    the idealism and violence of his times. At present I
    have a manuscript and am looking for a publisher. If
    anyone has any input or suggestions, feel free to
    contact me at <myurow@yahoo.com>. Thanks.


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