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Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 23:16:39 CUT

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    Nice to hear you out how Big Bad Jerry out-machoed the Hell's Angels,
    but I suspect you know very little about how they operated. And what
    happened to people to served on juries against them. I had a run-in with
    the two next door, who are probably still doing time for Murder One,
    and if I did what I felt and was almost ready to do at the time, I would
    still be dealing with it if I was still around. Did you ever tell an
    Angel he was a wimp in public?

    Jeff Blankfort

    Jerry West wrote:

    > You deserve what you tolerate! The whole neighborhood should have been
    > filing complaints and standing up for their rights against these wimps.
    > Their reputation is far bigger than their sleazy reality.
    > I had the pleasure of dealing with the Hell's Angels every Memorial Day
    > for five years in the '70s on their annual trek to Bass Lake. We put
    > them in a secluded camp ground removed from all other visitors and let
    > them know that any misbehaviour in our community would be dealt with
    > severly. They hardly ever gave us any problems.

    > Jeffrey Blankfort wrote:
    > In San Francisco, I lived for a while next door to a Hells Angel house.
    > On a number of nights, or rather early in the mornings, the Angels would
    > ride their bikes up and down the street, revving their Harleys to the
    > max. No one wanted to call the police because .... anyone calling the
    > cops on the bikers would be inviting retaliation.
    > JW reply:

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