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             Mumia Abu-Jamal News 31.07.2000
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    August 7, 2000: Memorial for Albert "Nuh" Washington

    [download Pdf version: www.jericho-italia.com/nuh/tribute/en-version.zip]

    * After Kuwasi Balagoon, after Merle Africa, another Revolutionary Prisoner
    has been left dying into a prison. *

    Albert "Nuh" Washington, Political Prisoner and New Afrikan Prisoner Of War
    segregated in the US prison system died the last 28th of April at the
    Regional Medical Unit in Coxsackie Prison. Affected by a malignant cancer
    whose diagnosis has been pronounced only in December 1999, Nuh spent the
    last months of his life struggling as a Revolutionary Freedom Fighter like
    he was.
    Useless has been the chemotherapy to which he was subjected fro December
    1999 to January 2000 as well as all the efforts that through the campaign
    for his liberation - relaunched in Europe by the Italian Chapter of the
    Jericho Movement - intended to obtain his release in order to let him spent
    his last days among his beloved ones.

    On the other hand, the repression carried out by the Great Meadows
    Correctional Facility administration continue undeterred. Following its
    original directives, Cointelpro - the counterinsurgency program waged by
    the FBI and the US government - has continued to operate in order to
    "discredit, disrupt and neutralized potential terrorists" during the 90's.
    Nuh, like many other Freedom Fighters, was a declared target of these covert
    actions since the 60's because he kept on maintaining his Revolutionary
    identity and because he was a purveyor of an historical memory made of
    struggles for a radical change in our society.

    * Mumia Abu-Jamal & Albert "Nuh" Washington. *

    In an article written on the 5th of February 2000, Mumia was affirming:
    "Albert "Nuh" Washington, is virtually unknown. For those in the know, however,
    and those in touch with 1960s-era black history regarding the Black
    Liberation Movement, his name is both known and respected."". Mumia's words
    spoke the truth. Since the beginning, the campaign for Nuh's liberation has
    been supported by all the others PP's and POW's segregated in the US prison

    * The support of the Political Prisoners & Prisoners of War *

    The Revolutionary Prisoners were the main characters, even if not physically
    present, of the Tribute To Nuh Washington which took place in Oakland,
    California, the last 22nd of April.
    The event sponsored by the Jericho Movement, by the Malcolm X Grassroots
    Movement and by the Victory Gardens Project, has witnessed the participation
    of Safiya Bukhari (National Coordinator of the Jericho Movement), Dhoruba
    Bin Wahad (former Political Prisoner), Ahmed Obafemi, Yuri Kochiyama, Nancy
    Jacob Bell (Herman Bell's wife) and lots of others. For the event, Mumia Abu
    Jamal, Jalil Montaqim, Herman Bell, Mutulu Shakur, David Gilbert, Marilyn
    Buck, Sundiata Alcoli, Assata Shakur, Sekou Odinga and a number of other
    Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War sent their written contributions.
    Particularly impressive the letter written by Marilyn Buck which follows:

    "I'm both happy that folks have gathered to honor our beloved comrade
    brother Nuh, and to have the opportunity to say something about him. I don't
    remember when or how I first met Nuh, and if I did I likely could not say!
    We have corresponded for many years, off and on, depending on each of our
    situations. Over the years our letters have grown shorter and fewer. Time is
    wearing and the conditions of our respective confinements are always
    difficult. Nevertheless, the love and respect I feel for Nuh continues to
    grow like an oasis in the desert.
    When I close my eyes, I see Nuh in the Spring of 1988. Mutulu Shakur and I
    were on trial. The judge had granted our defense the right to interview our
    potential witnesses. That period became the most illuminating and privileged
    time I have spent since my capture in May 1985. Our witnesses included
    brother Nuh, along with pows Geronimo ji jaga, Sekou Odinga, and political
    prisoners Susan Rosenberg, David Gilbert and Chui Ferguson. That was quite a
    gathering! How wonderful to sit in that circle in the evening after court
    and on weekends. At those times, we hammered out, following from Mutulu's
    panoramic view of the pows' position, a legal petition that dealt with
    political crimes, the political offense exception in international law, and
    most of all our right to treatment as pows and political prisoners. Nuh was
    our wise, grand old man - warm, thoughtful and clear-minded. For him, like
    some of the other comrades, that was the first time in many years he had the
    opportunity to spend time with other political prisoners, despite being
    locked down at MCC-NY except for our court-ordered joint legal meetings. I
    imagine it was an energizing and precious time for all of us. For me it was
    remarkable and encouraging to spend time, especially with Nuh and G., who
    had already spent so many years locked down. In those few weeks I felt
    fortified by their own steadfastness in the face of extreme punishment and
    cruelty. My spirit was better prepared to spend my years of imprisonment and
    deprivation. How amazing Nuh was then, as he continues to be. Strong,
    dignified, clear in his purpose and resistance to a lifetime of degradation
    perpetrated by white supremacist colonialism, and its prison henchmen. Nuh's
    ability to maintain - no, to overcome - shines like a star that travels
    light-years to reach and warm eyes blearied by the losses and anguishes we
    who love liberation and justice have suffered and suffer every day.
    Whenever I close my weary eyes, Nuh's courage lights up and warms the cold
    circumstances of my own life. Brother Nuh will live as long as we all shall
    live - both in the mind's eyes as well as in the heartbeat of the struggle
    for human dignity, justice and liberation.
    Thank you Nuh for your very being. I love you."
      Marilyn Buck (Anti-imperialist Political Prisoner)

    * Nuh's contribution to the struggle for self determination and the movement
    to free all Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War *

    The Italian Chapter of the Jericho Movement edited a dossier on Nuh's case
    as a contribution to the campaign for his release and it has been decided to
    go on distributing this literature not only to let the case of Albert "Nuh"
    Washington be known but, and most of all, to keep alive the memory of class
    struggle in the US - where the status of Political Prisoners and Prisoners
    of War has always been denied in order to deny the existence of social and
    political opposition to the capitalism/imperialism - and to support by every
    means necessary the unconditional release and the liberation of all the
    people who have been struggling in and out of prison for a radical change,
    people that despite long terms in jail never denied their revolutionary

    It would be an unforgivable mistake to forget that the Revolutionary
    Prisoners are part of the past, present and future movement for radical
    change in this capitalistic society both because they're the consequence of
    these struggles and because they're still supporting it with their militancy
    and with their written contributions.

    To forget, not being able to pursue a strategy of liberation would be like
    implicitly accepting the violence and exploitation of this bourgeois'
    society. This is the legacy of Albert "Nuh" Washington.

    Italian Chapter of the Jericho Movement
    Casella Postale n.11 - 45032 Bergantino (Ro)
    Url: www.jericho-italia.com
    E-mail: info@jericho-italia.com
    Tel.: +39 0347 2390183

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