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Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 21:52:21 CUT

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    >Patricia Hearst Appears in Movie
    >AP Special Correspondent

    >LOS ANGELES (AP) via NewsEdge Corporation -
    >Patricia Hearst's role in a new John Waters
    >movie may surprise some viewers. She's playing the mother of a
    >terrorist kidnapper.
    >The movie, ``Cecil B. DeMented,'' is a wild spoof typical of
    >Waters. But this spoof is of a kidnapping with weird parallels to
    >Hearst's own abduction by the Symbionese Liberation Army 26 years
    >In this film, a group of obsessed ``cinema terrorists''
    >protesting the state of the mainstream film business kidnaps a
    >movie star portrayed by Melanie Griffith.
    >Hearst, who has appeared in three of Waters' previous
    >productions including ``Serial Mom,'' plays the mother of a young,
    >inept kidnapper known as Fidget. She and her husband go on TV to
    >urge their son to surrender.
    >``Tell us where you are,'' she pleads, much as her own parents
    >did in the 1970s.
    >Griffith's character, Honey Whitlock, becomes converted to her
    >captors' cause, waving guns in the air and declaring, ``Death to
    >those who support mainstream cinema.''
    >The SLA slogan was ``Death to the fascist insect that preys upon
    >the life of the people.''
    >Honey Whitlock becomes the subject of ``wanted'' posters after
    >she joins her abductors in their terrorist forays. At one point, TV
    >host Ricki Lake, in a supporting role, declares, ``I wouldn't be
    >surprised if Honey was in on her kidnapping from the beginning.''
    >Hearst, heiress to a newspaper fortune, was kidnapped in 1974 by
    >members of the SLA who broke into her Berkeley apartment, hit her
    >boyfriend over the head with a bottle and announced that she was a
    >prisoner of war.
    >Hearst was held for weeks in a closet, then emerged in support
    >of her captors. She was later convicted of taking part in an armed
    >bank robbery with the SLA and was sent to prison. President Carter
    >later commuted her sentence.
    >Recently, she has been resisting efforts by prosecutors to force
    >her to testify in the bomb conspiracy trial of Sara Jane Olson, a
    >former SLA fugitive, which is scheduled for January in Los Angeles.
    >Hearst has said she is trying to forget her past with the SLA.
    >``Cecil B. DeMented'' opens Aug. 11.

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