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Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 21:00:43 CUT

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    DATE: Fri, 21 Jul 2000 10:50:29
    From: "Aja Shakur" <ajashakur@hotmail.com>

    The Black Panther Collective Speakers' Bureau offers its speakers as
    participants in panels or as individuals for occasions or events as
    representatives of the Black Panther Collective. We also offer workshops,
    seminars and political education classes on the following topics:
    The Black Panther Party History
    Political Prisoner's and P.O.W.'s in the United States
    The F.B.I.'s Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO)
    History of Black Resistance in the United States (Slavery to the Present)
    The Politics of Black Revolution
    Black Women in the Struggle for the Liberation of all Oppressed People
    Pros & Cons of Modern Technology
    Health & Environmental Racism
    Current Political and Community Issues
    Police Brutality,Repression,and the Criminalization of a Generation
    Youth under Siege in Amerikkka
    The Role of Youth in The Black Liberation Struggle
    Black Panther Collective Projects and Programs

    Members of the Speakers Bureau come from various backgrounds as well as
    levels and types of involvement in the liberation of oppressed people. The
    speakers embody diverse experiences, ages, gender, socio-economic, and
    geographic backgrounds. Our Speakers' Bureau members have experiences and
    backgrounds that reflect the dynamic community of persons of Afrikan
    The Black Panther Collective reserves the right to select the appropriate
    individuals as representatives on our behalf, as it is our intention to
    avoid the creation of any designated spokespersons for both security and
    organizational reasons. Subsequent to your initial request for a speaker,
    the Black Panther Collective will assign a coordinator(s) to handle your

    Additionally, the Black Panther Collective can assist with your events
    publicity, speaker's security, written, as well as audio and/or visual

    For Information Please Contact:


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