[sixties-l] Re: powerful effects of joining movements etc.

From: PNFPNF@aol.com
Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 07:05:37 CUT

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    I'm not sure if accounts of the personally liberating/empowering effects of
    antiwar/pacifist movements are among those Ted Morgan is asking about. If
    so, I can suggest two. One is, if I may use the time-honored tradition, my
    own, "You asked 'What was happening then?'" in Viet Nam Generation vol. 6
    #1-2 (in longer and fictionalized form, this piece would like, n.b., a book
    publisher); the other, centering too on anti-war actions at the Port
    Chicago/Concord Naval Weapons Station, but in the 1980s rather than 1960s, is
    a wonderful book, Letters from Concord, by Diane Poole, a superb writer; the
    book begins its acknowledgments "This book was typeset oon a Macintosh
    computer in the Contra Costa County Jail's Work Furlough Facility while the
    author was incarcerated for her activities at the Concord Naval Weapons
    Station..."; its publisher is listed as Jailhouse Press, and I do not know
    where (other) copies may be available.

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