[sixties-l] peoples park/national guard/Dupont

From: RozNews@aol.com
Date: Fri Jul 21 2000 - 18:22:40 CUT

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    The reason I love Newsreel films is that they are a living history. I just
    put our film Peoples Park on my vcr and there they are the national guard in
    trucks rolling down telegraph ave. Later , tear gas is being dropped from
    the air over UCB campus and folks are being beaten and tear gased. It show
    the sod being rolled out for the part. A great rap about peoples grass and
    ruling class grass by frank barnike (spell( It ends with a great march for
    the park and the narrator says, "same folks who were fighting the national
    guard for the park are now pinning daisey s on their rifles."
    Jeff wrote
    << First, in
    Berkeley, there is the well-publicized record of the Reagan calling out
    the National Guard during the struggle over People's Park which vets of
    the movement still talk about. >>

    ,Another untold story is what happened in Wilmington, Delaware, following
    the murder of MLK Jr. The governor called out the national guard to
    quell the city's angry black citizenry and, at least eight years, later,
    I remember reading a small item noting that they were still there. When
    did they leave? I don't know and the story was ignored by the
    alternative media as it was by the mainstream. Delaware is like a
    country almost unto itself, controlled by DuPont..>

    News reel also made a film called Wilmington . Michael Falk worked hard on
    it for a very long time. Glad you made the connection.
    You are right, it was the longest period of time w/ national guard on duty
    in any city.
     my best, roz

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