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Date: Wed Jul 19 2000 - 18:05:14 CUT

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    This may be of interest to folks in the area my best , roz payne

    attached mail follows:

    Activists, students, revolutionaries, workers, parents, and even you capitalist bastards,
    Here's a free film you must see!
    read on for more info!

    Contacts: location- 862-2244, speakers- 878-1528
    List under Calendar, Film for July 20th and 27th.

    Showdown in Seattle: Five Days that Shook the WTO
        Showdown in Seattle features an on-the-ground, non-corporate perspective and
    in-depth analysis of the WTO riots. Each half-hour show is made up of segments
    shot and edited on location in downtown Seattle by a collaboration of video
    producers under the Independent Media Center. The programs were produced on
    location in Seattle and satellite-cast across the U.S. on each day of the WTO
    ministerial. Breif discussions to follow each show, speakers to follow at 8:30

    listing for
    Thursday July 20th, 7:00 pm- Show One: Seattle Prelude [The issues of the WTO
    ministerial are laid out by members of Global Exchange, Food First, and author
    Michael Parenti. Seattle warms up as thousands pour into the city for week-long
    rallys and demonstrations.]
                   7:30 pm- Show Two: People Unite, Police Riot [ Direct action
    blockades by activists delay the beginnin of teh WTO meetings and are met by
    Seattle Policeand barrages of chemical weapons and rubber bullets. The turtles
    meet the teamsters as labor leaders launch their big rally and march through the
    streets of Seattle.
            8:00 pm- Show Three: Occupied Seattle [The National Lawyers Guild examines
    the legal issues posed by the Police abuse of Seattle protestersEcivil
    liberties. A segment on Filipino labor history and critique of the mainstream
    media coverage put the protests and the WTO in perspective.]

    listing for
    Thursday July 27th, 7:00 pm- Show Three: Occupied Seattle [see above]
                    7:30 pm- Show Four: Unwilling Captives [Arrests and legal
    processing are questioned and discussed in scenes from King County Jail. A look
    at environmental hostages of WTO economic policy, with segments on the Global
    Free Logging Agreement and genetic engineering. A segment on the international
    solidarity of farmers.
            8:00 pm- Show Five: What Democracy Looks Like [The WTO ends in failure and
    celebration as told by delegates and NGO reps. A feature on youth participation
    in the protests, the Longshoremans Rally and an inside look at the Independent
    Media Center close the series with reflection on the weeks events and
    inspiration for the mobilization ahead.
          8:30 PM- Greg Gouma to speak about independent and alternative media.

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