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From: jo grant (
Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 23:10:24 CUT

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    >>(LOS ANGELES) David Horowitz has been named by FOX News Channel
    >>executives as a contributor to their political and election coverage.
    >>Horowitz >> will provide commentary for the network on issues from
    >>strategy and tactics
    >>outlined in his new hardback, "The Art of Political War and Other Radical
    >>Pursuits," to civil rights issues to matters concerning Hollywood.

    For years the FOX (News Channel) has been building a den that is a perfect
    haven for the likes of David Horowitz.

    Right now, in St. Pete, FL Steve Wilson and Jane Acre, two investigative
    reporters who were fired by FOX for refusing to lie about what they
    discovered about rBGH, the Bovine Growth Hormone dairy farmers are using,
    have finally made it into court and the trial, before a jury, began today.
    This isn't Sixties, but it's MILK and it's in all the milk for sale in
    commercial grocery stores, all the milk fed to school children (possible
    exception of Berkeley) so everyone should be interested. Most co-ops have
    organic milk.

    Progress and details at .

    Watching the posts from Philly and from L.A. about the coming conventions
    and at appears that history is going to be repeating itself. Time to get
    the digital camcorders ready and heads West or East with a helmet. The
    Sixties were an interesting go at 40, wonder what these willbe like at 70.
    Maybe I should be thinking about a helmet and pads.

    j grant

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