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From: PNFPNF@aol.com
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 09:13:53 CUT

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    I too was involved in FUB (Free University of Berkeley), though not "in
    setting it up." But in 1968 when it was fresh and a fresh idea, I remember
    giving a course for writers of every background/experience, which would flow
    into chanting and singing too, and I remember taking a class where women
    could really do hands-on photo darkroom work, another specifically set up for
    women to learn (FORTRAN) programming--taught by Steve G-? who had been
    involved too in the movement to legalize abortion; and in 1969 I began a
    workshop "for working writers" that became the literary collective/magazine
    The Open Cell--the first tabloid-size, photo-offset literary paper, as far as
    we know--specifically created and priced to make literature by the people
    available to the people. So--multiply this by how many persons' experience
    to get some idea of the energy and innovations in the Free Universities. And
    yet, and yet--how much of this was a sliding back "into normal life", a
    pulling back from the intensity of the organizing and confrontation and
    struggle against more militaristic or economic oppressions that gave the
    Movement a cohesive momentum?

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