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    Right on except that they still make Bugs in Mexico and probably a few other
    places. To further add to what you've said the VW plant in Wolfsburg was
    bombed and practically destroyed by the end of the war. A british officer
    was assigned to run the plant and resurrected the Beetle and VW. VW was one
    of the first companies to make a comback from the war in Germany.

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    >Subject: Re: [sixties-l] VW BUG
    >Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000 09:27:47 -0400
    >Joe McDonald wrote:
    > > does anyone know the story about the famous VW BUG car that became so
    > > famous in the sixties? How did it come to be made in Germany and for
    > > what? cheers, country joe mcdonald
    > >
    >I'll be shocked if no one can answer this better, but the Bug was the
    >original and only model of the Volkswagen, as envisioned by Hitler.
    >Literally translated as "the people's (folk) car," it was designed to be
    >affordable transit for the masses. It was also a major economic and
    >sociopolitical coup for Hitler, who wanted to promote the image of a
    >modern, highly technical and efficient society. Plus I think he liked
    >gadgets, basically enough. And he wasn't building factories just to make
    >VWs either---he understood that the Bug factory of today was the
    >Messerschmitt factory of tomorrow.
    >I believe they stopped making them in around 1980, then restarted just a
    >couple of years ago.
    >There is plenty to read about the story, I know that. Try "VW Bug,
    >history" as a search phrase on the web, Joe.
    >Good luck!
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