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Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 17:24:24 CUT

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    << more on Free U in nyc
    More info on the NY free University

    I got my radical start at FUNY. I was working for the Welfare Department and
    recruited by Arlene Brown. Arlene introduced me to Sharon and Allen Krebs and
    I helped paint the walls of that 14th St. loft. I took classes with Jim
    Mellon and became friends with Paul Krassner. Although the Progressive Labor
    Party was a behind the scenes major player in setting up FUNY the "academic"
    atmosphere was wildly pluralistic. I think that a strong part of the
    anti-imperialistic politics that would later be embraced and developed by the
    Weatherman got their ideological start at the Free U, and so did some of the
    spirit that would be Yippie.
       After a year or so, (1965) I hit the road for Berkeley where I helped set
    up the Free University of Berkeley (FUB) working with Jeff Lustig and Bob
    Mates. And that is another story.

    Stew Albert

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