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    > I found the post about the film on the MIA-POW families really disturbing
    > and distorted....

    > The American line now in Vietnam,
    > articulated by the ambassador among others, is that it's time to move on.
    > But it remains the case that it is the Vietnamese who are still searching
    > for the remains of THEIR relatives--not to speak of more recent victims of
    > mines and defoliants.

    country joe mcdonald wrote:

    There are 2 groups of POW/MIA's that are never mentioned. i personally do
    not disagree with what the current POW/MIA issue is about BUT i find lots of
    positive angles on the issue the first being that we are all prisoners of

    The 2 groups that i am interested in are:

    The prisoners held in the Long Binh Jail. This was the US Military jail in
    country Vietnam. It was jam packed at one point with prisioners hand cuffed
    to chain link fences and stuffed into shipping containers. What were the
    charges against them? How many were locked up? Did they all survive their
    imprisonment? What happened to them?

    And the Vietnamese Prisoners captured by US Forces and our "Free World"
    allies? What happened to them? Is there a list of prisioners held by US and
    Free World Forces?

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