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Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 11:34:52 CUT

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    more on Free U in nyc
    More info on the NY free University
      Some of the early Newsreel meetings where held in the Free University New
     York City, on West14th Street. It was l967. The two founders of the Free
       U were Sharon Krebs and Allen Krebs,perhaps some others. Sharon is in
       I will see if she will write something for this list about the Free U.
       Marvin Fishman from Newsreel taught a film class there. Danny Shafferman
       worked keeping it together and kept the place clean and together. Where
      are you Danny?? Howie Shulman "Babuff" was always hanging there.
       I have a button from the free U. It had a funnel going through a persons
       The Free U was used by lots of political groups to hold meetings, give
       classes, lectures, parties, music etc.
      <John Gerrarsi, Tuli Kupferberg > are in New York. I hear Tuli has a very
       archive of sixties materials. Tuli was a member of the music group the
        I think he was also part of the Peace Eye book store near Tompson Square
       Park. in the Sixites. John Gerasi wrote one of the first books on Cuba.
     In Newsreel 's film on the Black Panthers there is a shot of Huey reading
     while in prison.
     M y best,
      Roz Payne
      < One of my seminal experiences during the '60s was being a "member" of
    > Free University of New York (67-68) first while a student at Brooklyn> >
    College and later after dropping out of Brooklyn and moving to the East
    > Village to be closer to the "action". The Free U. movement ( San
    > Francisco,
    > Toronto, others?) helped motivate change in American Colleges. Does
    > anyone
    > know of memoirs written about the Free U. (later Free School) of N.Y.? I
    > remember classes with the likes of Connor Cruise O'brian, Tana deGamez,
    > John
    > Gerrarsi, Tuli Kupferberg etc.
    > I would like to discuss the significance of the Free University movement
    > in
    > the educational history since the 60's. >>



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