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Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 09:12:32 CUT

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    While serious questions that Carrol raised do remain about the SLA and
    its founder, Cinque, in particular, this is not what is important to
    focus on at this time. LA District Attorney Gil Garcetti, with the
    cooperation of Judge James Ideman, has expanded the charges against
    Olson to include virtually every crime the SLA was ever accused of
    committing, who, if convicted, could end up with a life sentence.

    To get into a debate over the SLA at this time will simply play into the
    hands of Garcetti who evidently wants to make this a trial of the
    Sixties Protest Movement, and,if nothing else, to cover up the
    corruption of the LAPD and his own complicity in its framing of innocent

    Despite her change of name, Olson remained a social and political
    activist over the past two decades and her case is one that should touch
    all of us as it has those in the Minneaplois area who have rallied
    behind her.

    Jeff Blankfort

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    > From: Carrol Cox <>
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    > radman wrote:
    > > Sarah Olson Ungagged! Special Program-"What's Goin On?" this Friday
    > > with Jeffrey Blankfort
    > >
    > > Sara Jane Olson is the object of a vicious prosecutorial campaign being
    > > waged by the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office-the same boffo folks
    > > that brought you the frame up of former Black Panther leader Geronimo ji
    > > Jaga (Pratt).
    > >
    > > Last Saturday night Olson spoke at a benefit in San Francisco, along
    > > with attorney Stuart Hanlon, about her case and the 1970s-era Symbionese
    > > Liberation Army (SLA), of which she is alleged to have been a member.
    > At the time many of us thought that the SLA was a police front (like one of
    > the terrorist organizations in Czarist Russia in which all but one member
    > were Secret Police) -- and that the massacre at the end was a police
    > double-cross of their agents. Does anyone on this list know anything either
    > way re the group.
    > Carrol Cox

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