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Date: Sun Jul 02 2000 - 22:24:30 CUT

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    You should know that this jingoistic list about the "Founding Fathers"
    circulating on the Internet originated from that reactionary Sixties-hater
    Rush Limbaugh. What he doesn't note is how many of these men (they were all
    men, of course) were slaveowners, Indian-haters, petty and big capitalists,
    etc. Just about every one of them. U.S. history was tainted from the very
    beginning by these sordid characteristics. For a different point of view on
    the events of the American Revolution, see Howard Zinn's "People's History
    of the United States". Slaves and Native Americans had a better shot at
    freedom if they supported the British, which many, in fact, did.

    There is nothing to celebrate about the 4th of July, especially since Puerto
    Rico is being held in chains today.


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    > Joe,
    > Your "July 4th" message is pretty amazing and could very well be
    > accurate.All I can say is WoW! and we thought we had it bad.
    > Chris
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