Re: [sixties-l] Vietnam memorial and flags

From: Mark Bunster (
Date: Fri Jun 30 2000 - 14:25:09 CUT

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    Jeffrey Blankfort wrote:

    > When traveling in
    > countries whose histories and traditions are far older than ours, and
    > the awareness of their citizens of those histories is far greater than
    > what you find in the US, the flying of flags is reserved for government
    > buildings. Period.

    I'd say you've never been to a soccer game, either in one of the countries
    of which you speak, or in our country, playing the national team from one of
    those countries. If you want to see people _literally_ draped in flags, go
    to LA and watch a US-Mexico game at the Rose Bowl. Or perhaps you saw the
    welcoming for Elian--you couldn't have missed the blanket of Cuban flags. I
    think you jump to conclusions here.

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