Re: [sixties-l] Vietnam memorial and flags

From: Neil Friedman (
Date: Tue Jun 27 2000 - 11:19:31 CUT

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    Accrding to Carrol in a recent post, the U.S. stands for "genocide and
    horror". I simply cannot agree with this summary comment. To sum up the
    U.S>. in that phrase simply does not match my own sense of the U.S. I
    could say that there is a "part" (imprecise word) of the U>S> that
    "tends" in that direction. But there are other parts that counteract
    that tendency. The U.S> does not stand for "genocide and horror". Such
    summary claims, such absolutist thinking, such " they are good (whoever
    "they" may be at anytime) and we are evil" reductionism is simply
    untrue. It does not do justice to the facts. It does not sum up without
    leftovers the entire situation of the U.S. And that is why it will not
    play in Peoria, did not play there before, and ought not play there.

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