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Date: Tue Jun 27 2000 - 10:27:49 CUT

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    >Media's Death Row Martyr a Monster
    >Saturday, June 24, 2000
    >He was the media's darling, a poster boy for the anti-death penalty
    >forces who liberal champions claimed was the victim of gross injustice
    > a man innocent of the murder charge that sent him to the death
    >In what Texas law enforcement officials have called the most extensive
    >and expensive propaganda campaign ever conducted by anti-death penalty
    >forces for any case, Gary Graham became the epicenter of a media
    >firestorm ignited by the liberal media elite seeking more to scorch the
    >candidacy of Texas Gov. George Bush than to aid in the anti-death
    >penalty movement.
    >In their zeal to damage Bush, the media blithely ignored the truth
    >about Graham and distorted the facts surrounding his conviction, giving
    >credence to the absurd claims by the likes of Jesse Jackson that the
    >man, who had managed to keep the executioners at bay for 19 years and
    >22 appeals since he was convicted of killing Bobby Lambert in a Houston
    >robbery, had been denied due process.
    >The truth the media and Graham's Hollywood celebrity fan club withheld
    >from the public is that he was a murderous thug who bragged about the
    >number of victims he'd killed, robbed, raped and brutalized in a crime
    >spree his victims still recall with horror almost a score of years
    >after their encounters with him.
    >In yesterday's Dallas Morning News, Steve Blow touched on the media's
    >treatment of the case: "In the slew of recent stories about the case,
    >that savagery was usually reduced to a single, benign clause: 'Mr.
    >Graham, who admitted to a string of robberies ...'
    >"Suspicion did not fall on Mr. Graham because he missed church," Blow
    >wrote. "He was arrested in connection with the rape of a 57-year-old
    >woman. And then it was learned that he had pulled a series of brutal
    >armed robberies. He confessed to 10 robberies in the week before Mr.
    >Lambert was killed. Mr. Graham shot two of the people he robbed, and
    >maybe two more."
    >Graham's record of murderous violence the record covered up by the
    >mainstream media is anything but pleasant reading. It is a saga of
    >unrestrained savagery, the tale of a man who went to his death claiming
    >he had never hurt anybody.
    >Graham told one robbery victim, Rick Sanford, that he had killed six
    >people already and if the victim wanted to be seven to do something
    >stupid. To his 57-year-old rape victim, Lisa Blackburn, Graham
    >stated: "I have already killed three people, and I'm going to kill you.
    >You don't mean nothing to me, bitch." (Trial Testimony and CBS, Channel
    >11 News, Houston, 10 p.m., July 29, 1993.)
    >In addition, Graham told Blackburn: "I don't have nothing to lose. I
    >don't plan to get caught. If I get caught, I burn, and I'm not getting
    >caught." (Trial Testimony.)
    >To one of the shooting victims, David Spiers, Graham said: "After I
    >kill you, I am going back (to your broken-down car) to kill your
    >fiance and her parents so they can go with you to 'honkie hell.'
    >Before I kill your fiance I'm going to rape her. (David Spiers,
    >appearing on "Good Morning America" Friday morning. Spiers told Charlie
    >Gibson how Graham had shot his leg off with a sawed-off shotgun as
    >Spiers lay helpless in the back of the car.)
    >Michael LeRoy Breazeale was arrested for attempted murder in January
    >1982 and was put in a cell next to Graham at the Harris County Jail.
    >Graham told Breazeale that "not only did he shoot this guy from Arizona
    >[Lambert], but that he enjoyed it and that he had shot other people and
    >that we are all prey out there."
    >Graham told Breazeale "I've already killed a tourist, and I'll kill you
    >too. You're just a tourist in jail." (Public News, Houston, July 9,
    >After making victim Richard Carter Jr. kneel down and after putting a
    >shotgun in his mouth, Graham stated, "I'll kill you, too. Blowing away
    >another white mother ... don't mean nothing to me." (Trial Testimony.)
    >For four consecutive days after the trial, Carter received phone calls,
    >calls he believes were from Graham, where the following was said: "I'm
    >going to kill you when I get out. I'll hunt you down and kill you
    >before I die." (Richard Carter Statement.)
    >After the death sentence was imposed, court bailiff Larry Pollinger
    >escorted Graham to a holding cell. Graham stated, "Next time, I'm not
    >leaving any witnesses." Pollinger reported the threat the same day to
    >Assistant Harris County District Attorney Carl Hobbs, who confirms the
    >account. (Newsweek, August 9, 1993.)
    >Steve Blow recalled a 1993 statement by one of Graham's victims, Greg
    >Jones, who said that "he had engaged in friendly conversation with Mr.
    >Graham outside a Houston convenience store and then Mr. Graham put a
    >gun to his forehead. 'I want everything,' Mr. Graham told him.
    >"After Mr. Jones had turned over his wallet, Mr. Graham struck him with
    >the gun. 'I got a barrel across my face, right across my mouth, and
    >then I got it again, and I got it again. And I looked at him and I saw
    >him smiling at me. ... He smiled a little grin, and he pulled the
    >"Gary Graham liked to say he was the victim of a racist system. And a
    >lot of people were eager to believe that," Blow continued.
    >"But Mr. Graham was executed Thursday because one person had made his
    >guilt so easy to believe.
    >"That person was Gary Graham."
    >With a gun in his hand, Graham was a merciless, swaggering tough guy.
    >But he went to his death a craven coward, blabbering as jailers had to
    >drag him to the death chamber to the gentle narcotic death he denied
    >his victims.

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