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From: Ron Cabral (
Date: Tue Jun 27 2000 - 03:22:07 CUT

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    Thanks for your suggestions Bill. Last weekend I found myself at Jack
    London State Park in Sonoma County. In the little museum to London is a
    glass case showing some of his many rejection letters. He had 600
    rejections before he sold his first commercial piece...I see it only took
    you 40...
    Ron Cabral

    At 03:47 PM 6/26/00 -0700, you wrote:
    >Keep trying publishers. It took me forty tries for my present
    >book. Ask yourself and people who will give you honest answers
    >whether it appeals to the general public or only the academic,
    >and what work it needs.
    > William Mandel
    >Christine Kingsley wrote:
    >> Joe wrote," As children we are forced to react to the reality of the
    >> situation we have inherited..." I have abook long in the works on this
    >> very subject: what it felt like to be child during the Mccarthy/HUAC
    >> years of the fifties when my parentsa were harrassed for many years
    >> because they refused to testify. I have almost hasd the book accepted by
    >> a college press. It needsrevision and I am almost ready to go back to it.
    >> Any suggestions for a publisher?
    >> Chris
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