Re: [sixties-l] from a child's point of view

From: William Mandel (
Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 22:47:14 CUT

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    Keep trying publishers. It took me forty tries for my present
    book. Ask yourself and people who will give you honest answers
    whether it appeals to the general public or only the academic,
    and what work it needs.
                                            William Mandel

    Christine Kingsley wrote:
    > Joe wrote," As children we are forced to react to the reality of the
    > situation we have inherited..." I have abook long in the works on this
    > very subject: what it felt like to be child during the Mccarthy/HUAC
    > years of the fifties when my parentsa were harrassed for many years
    > because they refused to testify. I have almost hasd the book accepted by
    > a college press. It needsrevision and I am almost ready to go back to it.
    > Any suggestions for a publisher?
    > Chris
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