Re: [sixties-l] Vietnam memorial and flags

Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 21:21:09 CUT

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    From: William Mandel <>
    Subject: Re: [sixties-l] Vietnam Memorial and flags

    And what was/is your attitude toward the Korean War, in which the
    Air Force killed about two million Koreans?
                                           William Mandel

    Carrol Cox wrote:
    > monkerud wrote:
    > > > You don't like loyalty tests, but that's exactly what you are
    > > >requiring of anyone who believes they are/were a radical activist or a
    > > >member of the Left, or whatever. The only homogeneity that existed at
    > > >the time was that the members were born in the same relative time
    > > >period(s) and that they were into rebellion (and rarely the same
    > > >rebellion as everyone else).
    > Whoa! There must be some others from my age cohort who followed a
    > political curve like mine: born well before the baby boomers (1930) but
    > radicalized at the same time. I served in the Air Force during the Korean
    > War

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